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Window Inside & Outside
(Up to 40 Windows)
Window Outside Only
(Up to 40 windows)
Gutter Cleaning
(Up to 4,000 sq. ft.)
Pressure Wash House
(Up to 4,000sq. ft.)
$249 Avg
Pressure Wash Driveway
$159 Avg
Pressure Wash Deck
$159 Avg
Flood Light Replacement
(Per Corner / Bulbs not Included)
Roof Cleaning
(Up to 4000 sq. ft.)
$299 Avg
Screen Cleaning
Ala Cart Window Cleaning Inside & Outside
(Min. $99)
$15 Per Window
$8.99 Per Window
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Our Services

Gutter Cleaning

We provide professional, residential gutter system maintenance and cleaning. Consistent and proper gutter system maintenance is vital in preservation of value and aesthetics for your home or business. Gutters and downspouts left full of leaves and debris become very heavy and clogged. Water may overflow in front and behind gutters traveling into your home; resulting in possible soffit, fascia, foundation and landscape damage. Homes over 4,000 sq ft, storm windows, or glass sunrooms call for quote.

Window Cleaning

MGM Window & Gutter Cleaning in Houston, Texas offers high quality exterior window cleaning. No window is too high for us to clean on your residential home. Homes over 4,000 sq ft, storm windows, or glass sunrooms call for quote.

Pressure Washing

Get your home ready for your spring and summer events with professional pressure washing services from MGM Window & Gutter Cleaning. Power washing is an excellent way to extend the beauty and preservation your home’s exterior. We use carefully pressurized water to remove built-up dirt, mildew, and moss from siding, patios, and decks.

Other Services

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